My story of CP Armies

I saw an advertisement of Club Penguin on the TV and tried playing it… I got really bored as it was very very boring. Then 1 year later, I became popular on Club Penguin, once I got more than 30 requests or something, then I saw a couple of penguins dressed in black typing and saying “JOIN RPF” and I was like “What’s this?” Then, I searched RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation) and made an join application on June, July, or May 2013 something. I then went on chat, and I made new friends, then 2 days later, I got Moderator for being really active and attending battles a lot. Then, Nachos and RPF were at war, it was a really good Summer battle/battles. RPF was outstanding and there was so many penguins and so many RPF soldiers and Nacho Soldiers. Then, when RPF won. A few days later, I met Lilstar, she was my first ever best friend and she was awesome, I met Vo Yo, and Ultipenguinj as well. I met all the owners and moderators of RPF. I then was tasked to do an spying job on Nachos, I changed my name into some random name and was spying on the Nachos. Nachos realized I was an RPF soldier and banned me right away. Then, a few days later, I got demoted by mistake. 2 days later, I told an owner (Brooke my old friend) to make me mod, and I became mod, then RPF had lots of battles with other armies and they were no more. RPF won a lots of battles and lost a little bit of battles. I was also informed not to abuse my moderator powers, that was a good thing, then I became an really good moderator, my friends praised me saying I was the best mod and they looked up to me and wanted to be like me. One day, I thought of making an event but I didn’t know I had to inform Elmikey about it…. It was the idea from another soldier, although I didn’t blame him, and I was in trouble, and soon I was forgived. Then, Sir PJ had to log off for dinner or something else, and told me to lead. He informed all soldiers that I was going to lead. Then I led the troops saying “LOGIN” The troops logged in and I led them saying random tactics and emotes. Andy then came on chat to help me lead, I allowed him to help me lead and we became successful. I showed the pictures to Sir PJ and Commando made a post about me leading with Andy and taking pictures. I remember that June 2013, Star Wars Takeover, it was fun and pretty exciting. Then, on the Halloween 2013 party, we had an recruiting event, Elmikey made me owner and I led the recruiting event a little bit. It was a “You-Lead” event. I joined DCP and ACP, but I wasn’t very active on DCP and ACP. I was more like a guest and I was friends with Mustapha and Alfrondo. I then keep getting promoted, Private First Class to General! After defeating an army, we had a celebration party of Card-Jitsu battles with the RPF troops. I joined some undiscovered armies but they were too small and had less troops. I played Super Smash Bros Brawl with an member in RPF. I am a pro at that game and kept defeating him xD I then, became AFK at a lot of times (Away from Keyboard) I then, decided to retire and I remember everyone’s reaction, they were sad. I retired for a couple of months and visited them at different times. I then returned as a Advertiser and would simply help the soldiers into winning. I became an Moderator on DCP and a guest to ACP appreciating their hard work. I led a lot of events, I also was affiliated with the rebellion against the RPF. Once the rebellion disbanded, everything was normal until a few days later, Elitesof came to ruin chat and he cussed individually. Then, once he left. RPF was almost back to being like 2013 again. Then, we had fun and put in random Youtube videos for entertainment. Then, later; Fire Spartans asked to join and so I accepted and when I made a join comment, they said I had a lot of experience. I remember my powers when I got scammed and I told them what my powers in Xat were. Fire Strikers asked to join, but I denied and told them not to take it the wrong way. People were also impressed at how many powers I had. Surely, it was surprising. I also remember how Sir Pj returned to RPF and we joked about our marriage, XD.
Special thanks to:
Everyone in RPF
Boomer20 (I met the legend, in his own chat with my friend Brooke, Lilstar, Starboi, and maybe Ulti!)
Lord Pain (People hates you and I hate you too for making all RPF soldiers guests and making us suffer, me and RPF putted in our names (Anti_Pain) and you were fired LOL. Thanks for raging out of RPF.
ALL My friends on the internet
ALL my friends on Xat.
Jesse (For making RPF and my journey in CP Armies more interesting)

Thanks for reading, by Jason/Junie


About junie17125

I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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