IANH, the best alliance and the largest alliance ever. I hope CPAC (Club Penguin Army Central) makes the alliance of 7 armies be #1 in the Top Tens, all together. We shall fight and win, we shall celebrate our victory and defeat the enemies in our way. We are immortal, tough, strong, and invincible to the enemy armies. Good luck to these great 7 armies that created an very interesting story in CP Armies. Without the creation of these armies, Club Penguin Armies would be identified as an undiscovered creation in Xat. I salute the creators of these 7 armies and how they made CPAC and CP Armies SO Popular that most people in the whole world knows it. We will celebrate our victory and will be identified as the greatest alliance and the largest alliance. The 7 Armies are Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Doritos of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Underground Mafias Army, Nachos, and Global Defenders.

By, a long-time soldier in CP Armies, Jason/Junie.



About junie17125

I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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