3 Ways to be a Better Leader

     You may be thinking after a battle with an army, “How did we lose?”. There may be problems with your leading skills or problems with your tactics. So, these are 3 tips/ways/tricks on becoming a better leader. You may win an event more frequently/often.

1 & 2. Size/Tactics —

    Sure, sometimes the size does matter. You need your troops to log in to make more sizes, but have you ever thought that size doesn’t matter, the precipitation does. You need to attribute a precipitation for you to get in ahead of the game. Create a gameplan, a diversion, anything; just make sure you get in ahead. Whether it’s an invasion or defence mechanism, you need to find out where the enemies are. In invasions, expect the unexpected. Know where your enemies are and don’t let them know where you are.

    In invasions — create a formation. A big circle, or spread around with a “bomb” tactic.

(Defeat the opponent,

accomplish the achievements).

3. Inspiration —

    Be inspired from a higher-army leader like the Rebel Penguin Federation or Army of Club Penguin for example. Or, learn your history about Club Penguin Armies (the tactics, defence operations, formations, strategies) and be like that inspiration. Inspire your troops for them to become a higher position.

(The inspiration is not only inside in others,

but also inside in you).


About junie17125

I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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