Sometimes, people want to choose what army they want to go with. Whether, it’s a small-medium army or a big-large army with a huge history that affected Club Penguin Army history, you can choose it by knowing what you like. These are some tips to help you chose your own army.

   Instead of being recruited by people and people asking you to join, you choose your decision whether you’re comfortable with that army or not. Decline if you think you’re not comfortable with the army you’re joining and use these tips to help you think.

What Do You Like?

   Think of what you like and go to an army that has what you like. Do you like rebellions and a huge army with great history that returns and returns after every fall into something unique getting from the smallest top tens in the lowest position into the highest top ten areas and in the #1 area? Go with the Rebellion of 2007, the great and legendary Rebel Penguin Federation

   What else do you like, a used-to-be villainous army, an unknown-undiscovered army that you think you can risen up, or the first army to be created?

What Do You Want To Become?

   Do you want to become a chaotic-good rebel, a villainous mafia, or something else? Think of what you’d like to become than what you already have became. From a Private to a Club Penguin Army legend, a way of becoming is like a way of achieving.

Take advice from Club Penguin Army legends or friends who’ll help you.


About junie17125

I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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