4 Ways to Become a Good Moderator

   Are you new to your moderating job? Are you good at it but want more better tips? Do you want to challenge yourself and become an owner? This is the right blog to find 4 tips/ways on how to become a better Moderator!

1. Don’t ignore, help.

    Whatever you do, don’t ignore the troops of your army, they’re the reason your army is functioning. When your troops ask questions, you must be there to help and answer their questions. When the troops say that someone is causing trouble, stop talking to your affiliates/friends for a minute and take care of the problem by banning/kicking the individual causing the ruckus.

You have to choose to become the funny, friendly individual where you always make them have a good time, the serious, leading role model where you make them a good troop or both! It’s obvious which one you’d go with.

2. No Nervousness.

    When you’re not banning/kicking someone and you’re just watching the situation, that means that you are afraid of the negative reviews you’ll get. If that’s the case, just give them a warning first instead of kicking/banning; then they would know that you’re trying to follow the rules. If that doesn’t work, just give a kick/ban. You’re in the internet, this is not the real life.

Whatever you are thinking, think of the right decision. No negative comment/review can stand in your way if it’s doing the right thing. If they were the Moderators and they knew the rules, what would they do?

3. You’re the Leader, not the Cheater.

   Sometimes, the leaders will be absent or they’ll be asking for help. During that situation, you must be that role model teaching the affiliates/troops that they can be the leader too. When you become a Moderator, you must study that guide book of Club Penguin Armies and start memorizing. For example, when your enemy in an event is doing a joke bomb, you must tell them to immediately use the “mad face” emotes on Club Penguin,

You’re their inspiration, you need to tell them the right thing to do as a role model.

4. Have Fun!

  Have fun while you’re being a Moderator. If you’re trying to be promoted, you need to show a little fun to the troops and also being serious at the same time. If there’s no fun being a Moderator, then what’s the point? You’d likely skip from Member to Owner as that doesn’t make sense. The moderating job prepares you for the tasks of the job of the Owners.

(You’re a Moderator,

not an evil creator).


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I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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