5 Ways to Be Promoted

    Has it been too long since you’ve got promoted? Did you get demoted and/or want to get promoted? These are frequently asked questions in Club Penguin Armies by affiliates/troops of their army. To get promoted, you need to clear some disadvantages in order to be a higher echelon.

1. Respect troops.

    You need to respect some troops in order to be promoted. When you disrespect them, people might think you’re not reading for the job. You’re either going to abuse them or not listen to them when they need assistance. Be determined in being one of the good ones.

2. Follow orders.

    You need to respect your leaders as well. Following their orders allow you to be slightly more trustworthy. This also allows you to be a good troop, a good role model.

3. Embrace your good side.

  Be a nicer troop, embrace that side of which wants to help people and do good deeds. There’s no better way to do it ANYWHERE!

4. Attend more events.

    You’re going to have to be more active during events. It may be a promotional event that you won’t want to miss. That’s why, you’ll need to act in events as it will benefit you and your entire army. That’ll allow them to become stronger which is also a benefit for you.

5. Be extroverted.

    You’re going to need to be more active. People needs to start noticing you. That’ll allow you to be promoted as people starts noticing you. If they notice you, then they’ll probably tell the editors and they’ll promote you. This makes you extroverted. You need to be more social.


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I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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