What are Club Penguin Armies? What is the Reason for them?

Club Penguin Armies are communities or organizations created by individuals that involves obviously — army stuff. They are similar to real life armies, but also do have a lot of differences too. For example, Club Penguin Armies have their own laws and government. Club Penguin Armies are also organizational conglomerates that can help you with your everyday issues! Anyone can join them and anyone can do anything in them. Even you can create them with the help of this post.

One of the reasons in Club Penguin Armies is to make things in Club Penguin fun, rather amusing. Think about it — a whole room filled with 2 armies with about 50 troops logged on throwing snowballs, doing emotes and even causing crashes to slow computers! Another reason is to function your brain academically as it will help you have a clearer version on how armies work. It supports academic virtues. In a connection, a way to handle armies or do well academically, is to live it virtually.

When you’re done with Club Penguin Armies, it means you are retired. Retiring is to be done with Club Penguin Armies. When you’re retired, you can still return which is a common thing to many individuals. Sometimes, in your first two weeks of joining Club Penguin Armies, you start to disappear. Disappearing means to not come online at all. You won’t even notice them as you probably haven’t met them at all.

To create Club Penguin Armies, you’ll need all sorts of things. For example, you’ll need a website (it can be from any Content Management System, not just WordPress), you’ll also need a chatroom to communicate with affiliates or individuals of the army. There are also mainly pages like Home, Join, Ranks, Uniform, Nation, and more that you’ll need for your army to be successful. An idea would be to have an ‘Awards’ page for awards when you win something from a tournament from a news website.

News websites aren’t Club Penguin Army websites at all. They are news reports on Club Penguin Armies and guides to help you. They also host tournaments on Club Penguin Armies competing with each other in Club Penguin. News websites also have philosophies, reports, and obviously — news in order to be a good news websites. News websites are all about information. There are opinions there, as well as there are controversies. The most used websites are Club Penguin Army Central, Small Medium Army Press, and Small Medium Army Central.

For more information, go to http://cparmycentral.com or http://smarmypress.com


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I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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