Why Club Penguin Armies are Educational

Sure, maybe not all the time or too much of Club Penguin Armies, but a good amount to keep you educated. Maybe a good amount so you won’t be that militaristic in real life.

    It is true that you shouldn’t do too much of anything. That’s bad, but I’m not here about that sort of information. I’m here to teach you why these “Club Penguin Armies” as we call it, are giving us education — mainly benefiting us academically.

A lot of us are addicted to Club Penguin Armies — well, not addicted, more like — like it and spend more time with it.

While that’s bad — you’re probably also learning new things.

For instance, survival.

    New pupils or recruits are not noticing it, but don’t you think we’re doing better at surviving in real life? These Club Penguin Armies are teaching us how armies work, and how we claim land — and, and, you name it. We’re being aware of survival, paying more attention to the outside world and learning more things about survival to help us with survival.

Another example, academic performance.

    Individuals are teaching us many things about life and well — Club Penguin Armies. We’re chatting with people and we learn things from and they inspire us and vice versa. Don’t you think.. we’re doing better at stuff? I mean, acknowledge and learn how many things you’ve learned while you were in this community. We’ve learned a lot and we’re probably not even noticing it. I could describe more, but this enough I can give for now.

Last one, inspiration.

    It’s acknowledgeable and you know it. Individuals are motivating, mesmerizing, inspiring us and giving us positive attitudes to do many things. We receive more energy from inspiration, we become more calm and focus as we take it as key. Key to winning, key to succeeding. As mentioned before, we’re inspiring them and teaching things about them and vice versa.

Expectations of Your Opinions:

  • This is the worst post I’ve ever read.
  • This is really bad.
  • This is bad.
  • I don’t care.
  • Decent.
  • Good.
  • Nice.
  • I still don’t care.
  • Epic.
  • Great.
  • Awesome.
  • This is the best post I’ve ever read.

Unexpected Opinions:

  • This is so funny.
  • (insert a bunch of random letters)
  • Gibberish.
  • Others.


About junie17125

I am a manufacturing individual taking martial arts and am known by many individuals and users on the internet. That's all I will give for now.
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