Alert/Status Codes

The codes gets announced in the website, and the chat. If possible, threats may deface and hack the website or chat individually.

Green = Website and Chat ( ) are safe.

Blue = 1% chance of hostile preparations

Orange = Possible threat sequence

Yellow = 60% threats attacking

Red = Destruction indicated, no safety.

Black = Threats are annihilated. No more indicated, meaning: we are safe.

1 = Green

2 = Blue

3 = Orange

4 = Yellow

5 = Red

6 = Black

Website codes:

1 = Website is all fine.

2 = Website needs a little bit of improvement.

3 = The website is going to need improvement.

4 = The website needs lots of improvement

5 = The website is not right, restart the whole website and redo everything.

6 = Delete the website.

Note: You need a reason if any of them are in current state. From 2 to 6.


1 Response to Alert/Status Codes

  1. junie17125 says:

    As you can see, these are codes which may be used potentially in extroversion. Hypothetically, we are going to be needing this codes because any questionable and suspicious incident is currently happening, then a code must be announced for further information.

    Administrators’ Process: If any Administrator is being a victim of defacement or hacking by other individuals, they have to close the website of this conglomerate, then Editors must announce to the conglomerate affliates that they need to evacuate for safety.

    Editors’ Process: Administrators will be in control and the Editors will have to close the website. Administrators will edit the website and make it private so no Search Engines or certain individuals will trespass to create miscreant-like riots.

    Authors’ Process: Administrators and Editors both will have to work together as the Author closes the website.


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