Army Guide

Club Penguin Armies are extroverted and socialized. Though they may be benefiting academically, it is somewhat strict and can be inappropriate sometimes due to certain individuals. To start, Club Penguin Armies started during the Blue vs Red colour wars. You just log on and choose whatever colour while having a Snowball battle. After that, there were more colours and people decided to make clans instead. Back then, it would be unorganized, some individuals had to write things down to keep track.

Then the very first official, organized conglomerate came in sight. It was known as Army of Club Penguin. The very first official rebellion who rebelled against what Army of Club Penguin was fighting, was known as the one and only, Rebel Penguin Federation. Like these two armies, it was a great example of today’s generation of new armies along with other historical armies.

Coming up with a good Club Penguin Army name is just as had as writing neatly with your opposite hand. “Let the idea come to you”.

Viewing from the Chat:

Anything that’s not appropriate (avatar, message, comment, name, etc), you must report it immediately. If that doesn’t work, just ignore it and go do what you do in real life. Watch a YouTube video or do something, just ignore the inappropriate message and let karma (if you believe in it) decide or it may be a coincidence.

Messages from the website is already handled (Contributors, Authors, Editors & Administrators knows what to do). Whoever is one of these 4 positions/roles in the website, they’re trusted to do their roles and can be obtained through having knowledge of posting and protecting the website, (in other words, ‘website moderators’).


Some people may be thinking, “Isn’t Club Penguin for babies?”. The truth is, Club Penguin Armies were created (in one of the reasons) to make Club Penguin more better and advanced. If that’s not good enough, check out the website and chat for some more fun.

If Club Penguin gets hacked or CPNext comes “next”, the decision of moving to a different game will probably come. Or, approaching to igloo wars or other things.

Acting your Role:

Being a Member is like being a student of a classroom. You learn things and leap up to your next grade. Act like that student and pursue to learn more. Think of questions and allow it to be free. Be like the inspiration of individuals. Make new friends while you pursue your knowledge. You’re a junior, and a junior of this “college” is to enforce the rules while following it. Your friends can guide you and you can guide them.

In other words, you must not ask for a higher position and must earn it by enforcing the rules and seek knowledge and questions. The Moderators and Owners are there to help you while you make new friends chatting. These friends can help you and you can help them. You’re a member of the army and you follow their team rules to become a better Member.

Being a Moderator is like being the role models of the classroom enforcing the rules of the classroom and suspend/expel those who are stopping the goals of innocent people and be the inspiration to the troops higher or lower. As there is no higher or lower, the equality is the same.

In other words, enforce the rules and also do what Members are doing. Ban and kick those who are trying to ruin the army. You have to be like a good example to the team.

Being a Main Owner or Owner is to be the senior of the “college” and/or the teacher of this classroom. You’re that trusted and inspiring individuals who were inspired from people and them. You’re that person friends with almost everyone.

In other words, enforce those rules and choose the Moderators. Be friends with everyone and be trusting. You must also follow the rules no matter how high you are. You are an Admin, Editor, or Author like the Moderators or trusted Members.

Members – (Be serious, be like the Owners/Moderators,  be kind, make friends)

Moderators –  (Be serious, be like the Members/Owners. be kind, make friends, enforce rules, be the Author/Editor)

Owners – (Be all above)


    Club Penguin Armies are opinion-based and it also has facts. When you’re in Club Penguin Armies, don’t get overconfident in your army even though you’re friends with everyone. The reason is, some people come to ruin while they make fun of you and you never know when you attract enemies or jealousy. Also, make sure not to have too much opinions as it causes humiliation to yourself if you get banned. Most of your opinions are kept private.

For more, get advice from your friends and/or learn something by helping others.

(An advice,

“Don’t feed the trolls”).


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