These may be frequently-asked questions or they are frequently asked questions. There will be answers to the questions; if you would like to ask something, go to ‘Contact Site Creator’, ‘Adroitness’, or this page. Your question in this page or the other pages may be added and enlisted.

QAA = Questions and Answers

“Q.” means it’s a question.

“A.” means it’s the answer.

Q. When was the website created on?

A. This website was created on October 15, 2013 whereas the website was unknown and was in a “lamenting” era in where inactivity was “contained.”

Q. Why was this website created?

A. This website was created to list memories about Club Penguin Armies, this website can be referred to as a “conglomerate” in which that is exceptional to what it is known as a “blog” and not a famous business-company, famous-website, or a “conglomerate.”

Q. What is this website powered from?

A. This website is generated/powered from WordPress, a completely-safe and an aesthetic Content Management System. WordPress is the most used and most popular Content Management System (CMS) due to its aesthetic and mesmerizing possibilities. WordPress has the ability to allow you to make a recent-blog, into a famous business-company, or a famous-website.


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