Jason/Junie Army

I, affiliate and auxiliary of multinational armies am Jason or Junie; was and is an affiliate of many Club Penguin Armies that developed education and use of knowledge.

When I joined Club Penguin Armies, I was 8 years old; it was in 2013. In 2014, I turned the age of 9. People refer to me as someone intellectual.

I am a well-know auxiliary of historical processes. My main and home army: Rebel Penguin Federation. My date of starting CP Armies was on July 11, 2013. I will announce my declarations, my synopses, and historical experiences from Club Penguin Armies.

Note: The Club Penguin Army story is not completely in order.


The main idea and the general text is the usage of wisdom, jollification, courage, friendship, and intelligence. This may be somewhat exaggerating but Club Penguin Armies (especially the Rebel Penguin Federation) inspires adolescents, and other individuals to show acknowledgement to edification.

Second Synopsis:

Another main acknowledgement is that behavior is changing throughout eras of conscientious conglomerates. They render specific and certain intelligence, and experience is developing.

Third Synopsis:

The usage of a dramatic or an exciting story is believable and amazing. The third main idea is; fun. Individuals experiences jollification and entertainment.


As Club Penguin Armies are provisional, they are somewhat perpetually remembered. As announcing through the usage of thinking in my brain. Emerging victorious in the Rebel Penguin Federation and all my others armies, pollution is recognized throughout the corpse of undiscovered, forgotten, and preeminent armies. Amalgamations and conglomerates were formed and so were adversarial individuals. My thought(s) of inspirational changes to some armies that is concomitant to the ranks of all of the armies were the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

Executive Branch:

The Executive Branch is headed mainly by the industrialist. They are the most important branch and the conglomerate workers must lead during the retirement of one or another. One cannot surpass the industrialist as he is the Administrator and the creator. The other Administrators are financed as leaders. They are the ‘Owner’ rank. Provisional Owners are part of the Executive Branch, after receiving “demotion”, they be part of their other/another branch. Owners “control” the chat and look for abusive and inappropriate individuals.


The president is in charge of the system; except the industrialist is in charge of watching him and the entire conglomerate. The president is most likely the leader and leads the military. Members of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial can overthrow the leader. The president’s job is likely to control the army and teach others.

Vice President:

The Vice President can be another leader or all of the other leaders, in other words: The Vice President(s) can be the 2nd-in-Commands of the army. The Vice President works with the President and watches if anyone exhibits any wrongdoings.

Legislative Branch:

The Legislative checks the Judicial and the Executive to see if they’re doing a mistake or doing a wrongdoing on purpose. They provide evidence and checks the Judicial Branch mainly. They are known as Moderators that protect the army and leads when no leader or 2ic is leading.

The House of Representatives:

The representatives are the veterans who are fully experienced and retired who joined a conglomerate long ago. They are known as “legends” and they are affiliates/auxiliaries who benefited and developed the army in many circumstances. They are specifically individuals who guides affiliates and complimentary individuals. The veterans are somewhat related to the Executive Branch and so is the Legislative.

The Senators:

The senators are experienced or inexperienced retirees that retired the army in a certain circumstance. They joined an army in a specific time and can be enlarged as the House of Representatives.

Judicial Branch:

The Judicial Branch enforces the laws and checks if the Legislative or the Executive is doing accurate things. They are known as Members and everyone starts out being affiliated with the Judicial Branch. They can lead an army if they ask for permission. If they retire, they are somewhat related to the Legislative Branch and the Executive.

Historical Experiences/Club Penguin Army Story:

Book 1: Club Penguin Army Varieties

Part 1, Neophyte:

Enthralled by Club Penguin and its industries, I wanted to create a penguin. Skipping off to 1 year later… I became somewhat popular on Club Penguin. I’ve reached from 30 to 60 friend requests. I’ve completed Fire and Water Card-Jitsu and the normal one as well. Skipping to July 11, 2013…. Monsters Incorporated, how preposterous but entertaining as well generally to fans and obsessive fans. Then, recruiters of the Rebel Penguin Federation amalgamation were recruiting for more affiliates and auxiliaries. At that time, I was wondering what is RPF. I asked and received the contribution; “Search it.” I searched “Rebel Penguin Federation” and found an aesthetic and an acrobatic website known as http://clubpenguinrpf.com I made an amateur assertion/communique on the ‘Join’ page. I was acting very nostalgic and I had credence that I would have jollification, hilarity, and edification during the conglomerations of these systematic armies. I received many welcomes from auxiliaries and affiliates of the conglomerate and amalgamation. Surprised and felt special, I wanted to be part of them.

My first event was amazing, I was pretty impressed. The Rebel Penguin Federation were extremely large while they were stimulating/increasing their sizes rapidly with such speed. This was one of the biggest wars that I’ve attended.

A few days later, I met Lilstar. My primary and first ever friend of the Rebel Penguin Federation. She was very helpful and was a really nice friend. As far as I know her, she would apologize sincerely for doing a trivial mistake. Then, I met the 2 trios;  Max, Sean Paul08, and Gorkyr. The second trio: Ultipenguinj, Vo Yo, and Starboi414. These 7 friends helped me so much. Until, I met Lilstar’s sister-like friend, Brooke. She was awesome as well and so was Flappy, and Red Gush24. Then, I achieved Moderator and currently, I think that I will be a/am a permanent Mod of the RPF .

Part 2,  Amusement occurs:

I’ve been getting along with the affiliates very well, I miss that moment precisely. The events of the Rebel Penguin Federation were enormously entertaining. I can’t explain how enjoyable it was. Then, I created my own chat box. It was okay. Brooke’s chat was epic and so was Lilstar’s and Ulti’s. We hung out and Red Gush took participation. We went to different chats and made our username the same username. We trolled a lot of people, LOL. Which reminds me of when I spied on the enemies’ chat and when I thought of the idea ‘LOL Page.’

Part 3, Praised Like Magic?:

People were talking about me and praising me as the best Moderator of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I didn’t understand why they would, I just do the duties like every honest Moderators. Surely, there must have been a special reason to announce that they choose me as the “Best Mod” or the “Most Smartest Mod.” (I’m not trying to brag, by the way.) Then, later; education developed my the brain. Intellectual statements appear in my brain before the usage of contributing; very precise.

Part 4, Every Club Penguin Party:

I remember the parties such as the Star Wars and the others, it was somewhat inspirational, in my concept. 2013, Elmikey’s RPF. I wonder what it was like in the Commando Era, 2007. It must have been epic, legends and veterans state that in 2007, RPF was at their best. How inspirational and developmental. I became a friend to the veterans/legends. I even became a friend to Mustapha10. Then, I was recruited to WN and Chaos; it was fun. I became a Moderator to both Water Ninjas and the Chaos Army. Later, I retired and returned to RPF. I remember being recruited to Undiscovered Armies and became a leader to them, which makes me remember me joining Smart Penguins. I retired, and I was a temporary Moderator. It makes me remind of when Musta made me a/an temporary Moderator in DCP. It also makes me remember when I was friends with Elmikey, Commando, and a DCP Legend. It also makes me remember when me and Final Chaser had an argument and then became friends. It also makes me remember of RPF’s boot camp and Kathy.

Part 5, The Involvement of Remembering:

Remembering historical incidents that was and is complimentary was sentimental because I miss those moments. I remember making many websites, I remember leading so MANY events when the leaders were inactive, I remember Sir Pj who is my epic friend just like the trios and the sisters. I also remember Flappy, Alfrondo, Domz, Flamerebel64, Paco, Omega39, Fiasco, Alex N, Worky, and every single friend of mine. Xat profile to view more friends: http://Xat.me/Junie17125

I remember when Brooke came on chat on May 2014. I miss her, and I celebrated my Birthday on May 20, 2014; with the RPF. I remember when me, Brooke, Lilstar, Starboi, and possibly Vo Yo and Ultipenguinj met Boomer20! It was epic, he helped with NDA and possibly IANH!

NDA, New Dawn Alliance (Alliance) – RPF, ACP, DCP

IANH, Insert Alliance Name Here (Alliance) – RPF, ACP, DCP, UMA, IW, GD, Nachos

I remember when Kathy came on chat and she remembered me. We both realized we developed our edification and form coherent statements. I remember when Kevin taught me how to copy and paste. I remember Bolu14, he was a cool friend of mine and we challenged each other to Super Smash Bros Brawl. It was fun and I always kept defeating him with my professionalism xD.

I also remember when the whole chat said “Bye” when I had to leave. I remember when Starboi414 and Tompenguin Modded me because I was a former Moderator was awesome. I remember when I helped out DCP at events, and when I used to visit ACP chat and IW chat often; I was a friend of Jerry’s and IceyFeet1234’s; I also remember Blake and when he had the Tame Tes8/Tez8, and there was an IW leader who was Tes7/Tez7. One last thing I remember was when Pain was promoted as Leader on RPF;  then most of the RPF troops (including me) disliked him and created a chat and putted “Anti_Pain” in our names. When Pain was fired, we were happy.

I remember RebelForce, Teigan, and Test54321; they helped me too and so did EVERY FRIEND of mine.

Part 6, Retirement Occurs:

It was about time I retire.

I used to visit chat often; my friends were missing me and I’ve seen so many developments in RPF during my retirement.

First retirement: December 3, 2013.

Second retirement: March 2014

Third retirement: June 27, 2014.

 Part 7, “Fight The Good Fight”:

I also did retire from DCP, but I still help them and in June 21, 2014; Snaily5 made me Author of the Rebel Penguin Federation website and I announced myself being an Author by posting on the website.

My posts:

My first ever Post

Hello Rebel Penguin Federation, or for short RPF….. This is my first ever post on the RPF Site! I am very happy and excited to be given as an Author position on the RPF site.

I asked Snaily for Author and at first she asked what are my intentions on RPF, I answered her question but sadly, she had to exit the RPF Chat, today she came on chat and I asked her on PC “May I get Author” She responded to my PC and gave me all the information needed to allow the post to be acceptable.

I salute you Snaily for giving me information to everything needed.

Fight The Good Fight

By, Jason17125


Hello RPF, this is one of your old Moderator/Owner Jason/Junie, and I would like to tell you something important, please click “Read More” if you wish to read the whole post.So, I have been encountering Pirates coming on RPF Chat and just merrily insulting us and saying “You need an alliance just to only defeat us.” If you are noticing this then report it to an owner immediately or if you are an moderator and no owner is on chat, ban the person for more than 3 hours, or maybe ban him/her for 6 hours, but if you have the power on Xat where you can ban an user for 8 hours, then ban him/her for 8 hours. If you are an member and there are only members (No Moderators and Owners) then, hopefully, you have the Super-Kick power where an Main Owner can kick an Owner, an Owner can kick an Moderator, an Moderator can kick an Member, and an Member can kick an Guest. If you do not have this power, there is 1 thing you can do when being in this situation. If an Pirate says “You need an alliance to defeat us” Then reply back “Says the person in an army who had to die more than 1 time.” If they say Pirates didn’t die, then say “Looks like you didn’t read the History page”

There has also been Pirates spying on IANH when IANH were doing an event. So, to all the spies spying in Pirates’ chat, keep in mind you need to change your name and need to be more careful than careful. Pirates take pictures of what is going on in chat. There are also spies in RPF Chat during events, take a extra look at IDs in Pirates and RPF when it comes to same names such as Moopsiebumble, if both Pirate and RPF Chat has the name Moopsiebumble in it, take a look at their IDs, but wait a minute…. What if it is a spy for the RPF? Make sure to PC Moopsiebumble to ask if he/she is a spy for the RPF or not, if he says yes, but is lying, (People may not know if their lying or not, but let’s just say they are lying) Then, ban it immediately for 1 hour. If you are a member, tell an moderator or owner right away. Or, you can ask Moopsiebumble or any other name such as SnookumPums what their rank name is and their wordpress name. If he/she is not on the ranks but did make an join application, it’s not a spy. If he/she says he/she is on the ranks, but really isn’t, it is a spy, but it always doesn’t mean one is a spy, maybe they didn’t check the ranks yet.


Hello everyone, this is one of your long-time Moderator/Owner, Jason/Junie17125. I would like to discuss with you all about an important issue. Press the “Read More” if you wish to read the entire post. People in the Rebel Penguin Federation Chat are being ignored. The only people who are getting attention are just legends, leaders, and popular people on the internet or respected troops. Everyone should be respected. Everyone shouldn’t be disrespected. ALL of this needs to end. Give people attention, just because some are inexperienced in CP Armies or they don’t have a Xat account doesn’t mean you can just ignore them or disrespect them. Plus, people are also swearing and cyberbullying too. All of this needs to change, we need to improve ourselves and try to change people’s behaviours. Here are 3 things going on chat that needs to stop. 

  1. Swearing and saying things inappropriate or virtually and dramatically doing things that are inappropriate.
  2. Cyberbullying and making fun of others to humiliate them and embarrass them.
  3. Disturbing and annoying people for no reason.

 I even made an announcement on chat when Lilstar made me Owner 1 week ago June 15-21 2014.         Me: Can we have a talk? Lilstar: Sure. Me: It’s about people ignoring each other, people are causing chaos and riots and people are feeling left out. I wish for RPF to be improved. I want everyone to feel special and wish for no ignoring and disrespecting. Even in the CP Armies’ Community and the WHOLE World, people are feeling left out, this all should stop. Lilstar: Hang on, I’m gonna make you owner. Me: Alright. Lilstar makes me owner and hushes chat I make my announcement: Me: People in this chat are causing chaos and riots. People are ignoring each other and feeling left out. We need cyberbullying also to stop. We all should not disrespect and shouldn’t humiliate nor embarrass others either. We all should feel special and need to not ignore. I know how it feels when you are being ignored and not talked to. Well, I couldn’t remember everything I said. This week, Waffles made me Owner and I made another announcement related to people being ignored. Anyways, moving on….. So, we need all humiliation, embarrassment, negative comments, and ignoring to stop. Help make RPF feel special. Write in the comments what you feel about this. By, Jason/Junie17125


The rest of my posts are in the RPF website. Just search in the search box “Jason” or “Junie”, and you’ll see all of my posts and the posts that I’m in.

I also made a post asking “What does “Fight The Good Fight” mean?” and I received several answers and there was a post which contained what Fight The Good Fight actually meant.

Just to note: There are more information about my story on the page ‘Rebel Penguin Federation and all other Club Penguin Armies’

Part 8, The Rebellion:

A rebellion occurs; I join sides with the Rebellion and the leaders were the RPF Veterans. I became Moderator on their chat but no one on the real RPF noticed I was with the Rebellion except Ultipenguinj. After a while, the rebellion disbanded and became friends with Waffles. Waffles was removed from leadership (still a Moderator) and Elmikey, Tompenguin, and Silverburg (Former DW Leaders) came to help RPF, so did Freezie77. Vo Yo remains as leader in the DW, but is still a friend of mine. During the rebellion, I became true friends with Paco, ATM 23, Worky, Omega, and Fiasco.

Part 9, FSA gets developed:

After making my post ‘To Parents’ on the Rebel Penguin Federation website, Domination commented on the page and on chat he Private Chatted me to join and develop FSA; I agreed and made a Join comment. Jay, and Domination said that I had experience for FSA, which was internally good for the FSA. I made a website for FSA and though of the idea I.C.F.S.A (Intellectual Conglomerate of the Fire Spartan Army) for the FSA; and development happens. I became Main Owner on the FSA chat. The FSA is doing good but inactivity was in the way.

Part 10, Editor Echelon:

The RPF’s updated version of the RPF was pure gold! I wished to add some improvements to it and it was somewhat accomplished. I told Commando717 my ideas and yet he proceeded to make me merge from Author to Editor. Once I created the ‘Commands’ page, Elmikey removed it because “it wasn’t needed.”

Part 11, Problems:

I created ‘Random Stuff’ page and it contains funny pictures. After that, I was working on a project that failed the first time; I decided to work on it again. The project then, became successful and it was a page like the ‘Constitution.’ Once it was finished, I announced the existence of the project. It was named ‘RPF Methods.’ Although, problem occurs; the usage of dictatorship is disrupting. There were no signs of collaborations, and corrupt activity were being examined. Hopefully, the Rebel Penguin Federation rises.

Part 12, Awaiting Success:

The ‘RPF Methods’ page was changed to ‘RPF Assistance’. The ‘Constitution’ page was removed and successful achievements was initiated and dictatorship ended. I downloaded an Autotyper, and I downloaded Lightshot. I already displayed professionalism with the autotyper and the Lightshot. I also wanted to create GFX but at this time, I don’t think it’s necessary. A couple of minutes or hours later, Jai; WN Creator, wanted me to rejoin to revamp the Water Ninjas as it is somewhat lamented. I thought of the decision to join or not, and used math to help me in this situation. The answer was good enough and I replied to Jai that I will join. I joined and there was no hesitation of revamping the Water Ninjas. One day later, my echelon in the Rebel Penguin Federation became a temporary Owner for 24 hours or possibly more. I exhibited excitement and I have knowledge that I will be Moderator after being Temporary Owner. I called this; “Promotion-Demotion”. Definition of Promotion-Demotion: When someone’s rank is 2x higher than current rank and is temporary. After the limited time, their echelon will be promoted 1x higher than their current rank.

Pj then came on, and told me that he is either leaving the conscientious Club Penguin Armies permanently, or leaving for at least 6 months. It was upsetting; a moral individual exiting his/her conscientious cyberspace. Rather than having a good day 24/7, the last hour was saddening.

Part 13, Keep Up?:

 The army is growing to be leviathan, and my temporary Owner status turned into a regular Owner. This was energetic and very exclamatory. Implementing the Rebel Penguin Federation and its website. Soon, we can be the greatest affiliation with the assistance of many apprentices, affiliates, and auxiliaries.

Sky Blue 36 then came on, it was extraordinary as I haven’t met him since July 2014! I edited the ranks and made him General, and soon I realized the amalgamation is rising hypothetically.

Part 14, Time:

Times keeps going and going, the Rebel Penguin Federation inspiration is never stopping. This amalgamation can revamp more than the other Majors. The Undiscovered Armies, not so social or extroverted and the Medium Armies; possibly they can succeed in becoming with the Majors and the classics.

Part 15, Golden Mode:

As being affiliated with the Rebel Penguin Federation permanently in Club Penguin Armies, I specifically went to the ARCBots’ chat and Rishron PCed me. He asked if I can join the Golden Troops. He saw my experience and I replied I will join. He made me Moderator due to my specific experience and stated that his complimentary army is needing to be revised and improved. I was assisting and known to be a hypothetical affiliate to the empire of Golden Troops.

Part 16, Golden, Water and the Rebel Penguin Federation:

As specifically showing affiliation with the 3 armies; RPF, GT, and WN; RPF was the main out of all armies for me. The Golden Troops were needing to be revised but the size is perfectly fine. The Water Ninjas definitely needs improvement to sizes and the Rebel Penguin Federation is perfect.

Part 17, Rambunctious:

When coming on chat after school, Elmikey made me Moderator as temporary-Owner-time has been most likely concluded and individually, I went to the Golden Troops’ chat and saw their revamping sizes.

After doing a training event for the Rebel Penguin Federation, we hung out and spent luxurious and relaxing times on Doodle. We drew many pictures and they were most likely deleted. I took pictures of the Rebel Penguin Federation Doodle monster, and it was posted on the website by Elmikey. After that, we created a vampire and took a picture of it. Then, we tried making a ‘Creeper’ but rather, it was a specific fail due to the circumstances; deletion is a common conflict. Taking pictures were hypothetically awesome, I wanted to show these artistic, familial, and aesthetic pictures to acrobatic retirees, auxiliaries, and affiliates that were most likely “best friends.”

Extroverted pictures that were inappropriate was rambunctious and it was known to be aroused by this-fellow-individual user-named as “Sasuke.” Duties became exceptionally additional and showing the coherent path to certain affiliates and auxiliaries was mandatory. This reminds me of Raphael, Bubbles, and Nick; they were good friends with me during my medieval/early times of Club Penguin Armies. They assisted me as it was a supplementary addition of assistance.

Part 18, Aesthetically Additional:

The Rebel Penguin Federation’s website is still being edited with the usage of widgets. There are likely 2 widgets that should be added in order to obtain a successful website. #1 is an aesthetic and an arbitrary Text. #2 is the complimentary and the individualized widget; “Authors.” In addition: Our website will be successful if we adding supplementary and additional pages that were aesthetic and extroverted.

Part 19, Going On:

For a while, I’ve been thinking about my “descendants.” (Not real life descendants) I wonder what the future-affiliates of the Rebel Penguin Federation will be like. Hypothetically, it is difficult to configure. The Rebel Penguin Federation will be a big success if affiliates or auxiliaries help out effectively.

Part 20, Tic-Tac-Doodle!:

As we are being amused in the ACP chat, we laughed and talked about things. After a while, I went to the Rebel Penguin Federation chat and saw people drawing on Doodle. Epic scribbles and fast drawings by many aesthetic and artistic individuals. I saw people create spectacular S’s. Then, we drew a Tic-Tac-Toe board. We played and challenged other opponents. I kept winning and winning.

After that, Red Gush24 and I had a friendly battle between Connect-Four. He was pretty challenging and we both exhibited professionalism. We both had fun and this reminded me of the Super Smash Brothers’ Brawl match between one of my friends.

Part 21, Scam Behavior:

I had many powers in Xat. They were NoAudies, Show, Mint, Anime, Nameglow, Eggy, Naughtystep, Spiralfx, Hat, Reghide, Subhide, and some others. Then, I met a friend of mine and we traded. He somewhat scammed me and took all of my powers except Tickle. I didn’t need those powers anymore but at first, I thought I was scammed. Instead, I did a favor to this individual; Jake.

Part 22, Developmental:

Integrity in the Rebel Penguin Federation has been increasing rapidly. Kwi3 (a friend of mine) created a post that is about the Rebel Penguin Federation. It inspired me to create a similar post.

Part 23, Fun-Time Environment:

As an event was concluded, the Moderators, Owners, and Members were starting the jollification and entertainment. Tic-Tac-Toes on Doodle, drawing pictures on Doodle, challenging others in Card-Jitsu, Ski Racing, Mancala, and others. They were also playing Connect Four and others. I challenged an affiliate and mainly, I’m the one who is exhibiting professionalism. Soon, it was over and affiliates were leaving due to bed-times and others. Some individuals in the Rebel Penguin Federation chat box were auxiliaries or visitors.

Part 24, The Republic:

Over 1 year ago, a forgotten army was still remembered by some artificial individuals. The creator of that was/is Gorkyr, a friend of mine just like my other forgotten friend Silentkiller who was a Moderator in the Rebel Penguin Federation. He created the forgotten army; Club Penguin Republic. The Rebel Penguin Federation was somewhat associated with the Republic due to Gorkyr announcing the existence of it. I was an affiliate of that unremembered army. It was created somewhere on 2013.

Gorkyr, a former affiliate/auxiliary of Club Penguin Armies and a friend of mine who is affiliated with the Rebel Penguin Federation; is very inactive (or you can say; retired) from Club Penguin Armies.

Part 25, The Friend:

Abhinav54321, a friend of mine has visited the Rebel Penguin Federation chat box. It was surprisingly amazing that he visited. He is a friend just like the 2 trios and the 2 sisters.

Part 26, The Discovery of Popularity:

Sir Pj, the auxiliary and former affiliate of the Rebel Penguin Federation has “recruited” me into a Club Penguin Private Server. This Private Server turned to be Mirai, which means “future.” This Private Server has been officially closed at this point, and I’d like to keep memories about this server.

This server was amazing, it was just like the conglomerate of the Rebel Penguin Federation. It had fun, and more. Me and Pj were playing a Snowball game where we had to “kill” other users and earn credits. I was inexperienced and sooner or later, I met friends. I became popular a couple of months later and due to the official loss of that private server, the loss of my individualized friends was established. This leaves me with my other friends from the Club Penguin Army Community, and the friends from other websites.

I started it on October/November, 2013. I was inactive because I thought it was boring and I less friends. Then, I met new people who were amazing. They were popular individuals and we used to hangout, chat, and lots of cool stuff. I then became popular and I received many likes and requests. I joined a group who were trying to make a Club Penguin Private Server, but then later became not-so-active.

I trolled many friends of mine, and we had a good laugh. I laughed at extremely funny things and I became the funny one sooner or later. After, I became the somewhat-serious, funny one. I became the popular one, I became the “cool” one. I visited many people’s igloos, hung out with people that speaks different languages, and others.

I also met Rishron, a friend of mine in Club Penguin Armies; and he recruits in this private server. Moving on… I bought many powers with credits. Some individuals requested me in the marriage and the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend. I just replied that I would rather be friends, because e-dating is just not my type at times.

I was extroverted at that game, and used words to trick, confuse, and stop the computational-bullies. That private server was very entertaining and amusing. The updates were cool, and some of my friends became Moderators of the chat and game.

Part 27, Objection:

Owenjp, RockyIceman1, and some others which I remember at my early times at the Rebel Penguin Federation. I was in an Undiscovered Army of theirs and it was generally boring. They were my friends and they were also affiliates/auxiliaries of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Part 28, Authorial Identity:

Superstitious, I was wondering why I was Author and Editorial Echelon of the Rebel Penguin Federation website. I then configured that Elmikey has made me Author “for no reason”.

Part 29, Miscellaneous:

Remembering all of my extroverted and introverted compeers is captivating. Every single compeer of mine who are miscellaneous and different in their own way are very special and specifically assisted me and encouraged me. Not only the mesmerizing compeers and family members/relatives of mine in the virtual conglomerate assisted me, but also the friends and family members/relatives of mine in the “real” world stimulated, assisted, and galvanized me.

Respiration has been ceased in some contemporary or undiscovered militias, infantries, or plural affiliations. This prompts me of when some affiliates/auxiliaries of global conglomerates reciprocates to militias, or plural affiliations as vexatious or exasperating.

My explanation in why inexperienced conglomerates are needed:

Firstly, the Major Armies that were the reason of Club Penguin Army industries started off as a minuscule organization. Then, it became more acknowledged and more affiliates were interested to join. The smaller armies in the present-time were taught by miscellaneous organizations and they are trying to be independent. Some inexperienced militias, or infantries already reached into needed sizes. Some were in the Top Tens of Small Medium Army Press. In some expeditions, militias or infantries were still trying to assimilate and study to be more developmental.

Part 30, Retirements:

 Remembering my nostalgic retirements was saddening to some mesmerizing compeers of mine. There were 3 retirements that occurred during my historical experiences.

The first retirement was on December 3, 2013. I announced my retirement to everyone, everyone were saddened and some were very-nostalgic. Red Gush 24 made me a provisional Owner and I announced my retirement to everyone in the chat. Red Gush saluted me and so did everyone else. Then, I announced a party in my chat box. A lot of people visited provisionally, and soon after; they left when I left.

My 2nd retirement was considerably on April 2014 (I think). This was when I thought of returning and thoughtfully and considerably did. Then, I realized I shouldn’t have due to some stuff and so I remained as an auxiliary-like retiree of the Rebel Penguin Federation that only assists with a plethora amount of things.

My 3rd retirement was on June 27, 2014. This was when I achieved the Authorial echelon and a couple of days later, I retired due to stuff. I made a post announcing my retirement and in July 2014, I retired but was somewhat-inactive and I was part of the rebellion in the late July’s. After the rebellion disbanded, I continued being affiliated with the Rebel Penguin Federation and its complexity.

Part 31, Conversational:

There has been a plethora amount of conversations with many individuals and even with Commando. As usual, me and some affiliates of the Rebel Penguin Federation altogether have one or another conversation concerning/regarding the conglomerate/amalgamation/confederacy’s exclusive, effervescent, mesmerizing, and ardent website.

Part 32, Club Penguin Mascots:

As remembering effervescent and historical/past/ancient times is wondrously mesmerizing, one of them were the Club Penguin’s bot/generated-complexities. When Club Penguin mascots were authentically known by many individuals that are “associated” with Club Penguin, there has been an idea to pose (for fun) as Club Penguin mascots in the Rebel Penguin Federation. New recruits were amazingly amazed to see some of the Rebel Penguin Federation-associates as inspirational mascots.

Part 33, The Undiscovered Army:

Somewhat-essentially, Penguin Yae/Rockingyaz and Owenjp created an undiscovered army that was recognized to-be-created on July/August 2013. Hypothetically, that army lamented pretty-quickly. I was somewhat-associated to that unknown-army because those 2/3 people that created the undiscovered army were compeers of mine. They were also affiliates/auxiliaries/compeers/associates of the Rebel Penguin Federation and its complexities.

Part 34, Next Era’s Tribulation:

As I was receiving more information about complexities in the affiliation of Club Penguin, there has been tribulations regarding Club Penguin’s potential motive. Club Penguin’s potential motive Club Penguin Next (CPNext), is somewhat-a big problem to Club Penguin Armies. The Club Penguin Army amalgamations will have to migrate to a different virtual-affiliation. If possible, we may tolerate and subsist the technological update of Club Penguin’s affiliation.

 Part 35, Futurism or Historical Professionalism?:

As guarding the specific chat-box was and is wondrous in some occasions and precised-momentum-moments, it can also be prosaic and dull-likely monotonous.

In slight-entertainment, some of the chat-individuals were inspired in technological futurism gossiping about the Rebel Penguin Federation’s possible exhibition.

Though, the person who mesmerized it then acted inappropriate and exasperatedly-offended the historical-past of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

 Part 36, Partial:

 When I created my own chat box, it was somewhat popular when I invited dozens of individuals. There were three/four events in my chat box that were the reason of popularity of the chat box. They were recognized as ‘parties’, and looking back at history; I can remember 3-4 of them.

1st Attributed Party: This was when my chat box was authentically accepted as culmination of edition. I somewhat-engendered the amount of individuals by inviting them artificially.

2nd Attributed Party: This was a private-party and there were 5-7 people in my chat. It was recognizably my historical-friends of the Rebel Penguin Federation and organizations external of it.

3rd Attributed Party: After making a leviathan announcement of the provisional-retirement, I decided to invite isolated and non-isolated affiliates/auxiliaries of armies that are foreign or related to the Rebel Penguin Federation.

4th Attributed Party: This was not a leviathan party, rather it was provisionally minuscule. There was a minuscule about of individuals in my chat box provisionally gossiping.

Part 37, Moon Army-Organization:

After vacating the Fire Spartans due to myriad reasons, I later joined the Moon Warriors. I was/am still affiliated and an auxiliary of the Rebel Penguin Federation and its United Servers. I just made a grandiloquent change. Moon Warriors, an organized army created on 2013; returned and I was interested.

Part 38, Xat’s Private:

Jake, the auxiliary/affiliate who is still friends with me “recruited” me into a Xat private server. I thought at first, it was a scam for possession. Then, when he screen-shot a picture, I realized it was a professional-creation. I later, created an account and it was astonishingly mesmerizing. I received a plethora-amount of Xats and Days; I bought a marvelous profusion of powers and it was astonishingly great!

Jake wanted some powers and I traded with him some powers. Then, I became compeers with some individuals and some were Moderators.

 Part 39, Sedentary:

There has been complications in the Rebel Penguin Federation as well as concerning the sedentary-movement in the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Part 40, Mirai Talk-About:

My memory of the experiences in the virtual-game addressed as the specification of Mirai, was known-to-be successfully-coherent due to lack of erroneous-failure and less exhibition of lags.

Though I was persuaded by the fellow-compeer exhibiting his username as ‘Sir Pj,’ I realized of his lethargic-movement in the virtual game.

This virtual game was one of my favorites and is lamented permanently.

Part 41, Coherent Possibilities of the Rebels:

The biggest rebellion of 2007 has been occupying actively. Though, there were some agitations and troubles with activity in the affiliates.

Part 42, Merge Event:

The Rebel Penguin Federation’s leader Elmikey, merged the Rebel Penguin Federation into Light Troops which was a big event for the Club Penguin Army Central. Some affiliates including me were “against” it and wishes to save the Rebel Penguin Federation from lamenting.

I realized that Sir Pj ws involved, and we both started an arbitrary conversation. I then, became a Moderator in the Light Troops even though I did not participate or become affiliated with them manually.

I participated in the Teutons individually, and Brigade who is a compeer of mine in 2013 created the Teutons. I joined it and had patience for the Rebel Penguin Federation to be reconstructed. I did not the Rebel Penguin Federation to be lamented due to lack of activity.

 Part 43, Back in Session:

The Rebel Penguin Federation was reconstructed by Commando717 and there were new individuals participating in assisting the Rebel Penguin Federation.

 Part 44, Organizational Initiation:

As the Rebel Penguin Federation is still being operated by the auxiliaries and affiliates, there were “outsiders” influencing, encouraging, and assisting the Rebel Penguin Federation aka the Rebellion of 2007 out.

After a moment, I opted a selection of being affiliated with the Pirates’ army. I informed it to Final Chaser and he “exclaimed” that he may-possibly arrange my echelon as a Moderator.

The next day, I returned to announce myself being affiliated to the leader, Silverburg. He decided that I will be high-member and I consulted with him and stated to him that Final Chaser allowed me to be affiliated with the Rebel Penguin Federation and be with the Pirates.

Part 45, Compeer-Associate:

Silentkiller came on to help out for an event. It was a long time since he came on and came to help us!

Part 46, Dying-Lamenting:

As Cartoon Network has been abolished, there has been other organizations that were being abolished. X4T has also been either defaced or extirpated.

 Part 47, Jedis:

Remembering Jedi4590 and JediKnight is mesmerizing; Jedi4590 returns and rejoins the Rebel Penguin Federation as an auxiliary/affiliate while being remembered by some associates.

Part 48, Exhibiting Promotion:

Ultipenguin phenomenally-promoted me due to Lilstar stating that I deserve it. This reminded me of being the Editorial Echelon in the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Part 49, Frogs vs Sheep:

There was a battle/incident/event in a Xat chat as the specification of iCourage. Little did I know that it was not a “event” but a “spamming battle.”

I was associated with the frogs but also wholeheartedly exhibiting maturity to the sheep. The frogs most-likely exhibited professionalism and did win.

There was a battle with the leader of Frogs and the leader of Sheep. The leader of Sheep won and claimed their victory. The Frogs announced a “meeting” with the Frogs and I was modded.

Part 50, Highly-Accurate:

I became associated with the Pirates’ army manually and individually. I was reminded of the Frogs vs Sheep battle and visited Dark Warriors.

I haven’t visited the Doritos in a long-while, so I visited them recently.

Raphael, a compeer-associate of my who was a former Rebel-Penguin-Federation affiliate/auxiliary from 2013 visited. I remembered him as a close-friend.

Christohper1, who is a Small-Medium-Army-Press reported/philosopher visited the Rebel Penguin Federation’s chat box for an interview. He interviewed me and I stated of his philosophies which are mesmerizing.

 2001Viper who was a 2013-affiliate of the Rebel Penguin Federation visited. I thanked him for visiting.

It was Gionna’s birthday during the Practice Battle of Ice Warriors. I said “Happy Birthday” to her and after she left for school, we all chatted.

People viewed my ‘Random Stuff’ page and liked it. I was mesmerized and people also gave a feedback. Then, me, Johnny, Bolt, Denise, Viper and others had fun doing dramas.

Me, Abhinav, Denise and Taqi (bhaiya) were talking about logarithms, algebra and a little bit of calculus algebra.

Club Penguin Armies reminded me of Mirai, Pixel Gun 3D and Raze 1 & 2.

Pixel Gun 3D was one of my favorite games I play/played which was purely mesmerizing. It was a game just like Minecraft which I play also whereas the game is related to the usage of gun and weapons. There would usually be an update frequently and the game is complicated, exhibiting jollification & edification and was easy at times.

There are “ranks” and reaching the top ranks is somewhat essential. This game has influenced me as I have created crews & clans, joined clans, trolled other individuals, made friends, played with others, reached professionalism, challenged and defeated the best of players, became one of the professionals and lots more that is difficult or complicated to remember.

Little did I know that this video-game would be recognized as mesmerizing and would influence me just like Club Penguin Armies. This game is wondrously amazing. This which leaves related to the computer games Raze 1 & 2.

Raze 1 was a game I played which was about Humans vs Aliens while the Aliens make an arbitrary invasion. It is a 2-dimensional video game played on the computer just like Raze 2.

Raze 1 was a gun where one player (you) would stop the Alien Invasion where you’re the specification of ‘Raze Soldier’ and you would manually defeat the Alien Invasion with the help of scientists, your comrades and possibly some others.

Then, came a sequel to the first Raze game. A more advanced with the usage of technology attributing lots of jollification and entertainment. This game was known as ‘Raze 2.’

Raze 2 is where you’re the ‘Raze Soldier’ again but in the first level, you break out with the help of a fellow-comrade who may be the leader of the alien-fighting group. It was stated that you stopped the former invasion by an alien commander. The former alien commander was defeated and a neophyte was leading.

Raze 2 is a bit more advanced and is much more better with explosions and new stages that were added. There are also varieties of characters to choose from while you can also determine which weapons you want to buy and store. This game is somewhat compared to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 & Black Ops 2 and other games related to shooting.

 I created a Cascading Style Sheet for the Rebel Penguin Federation’s chat box rules. I tried to give it to Waffles but I asked some individuals to inform Ulti to come. I told him about the CSS and he said he will do it later and I saved it.

The Club Penguin Air Force army asked for assistance in an event. I couldn’t assist them due to being arbitrarily busy. Then later, Tyler came on and we were joking around.

Me and Jetkid were joking around with ‘First Person Shooter stories.’ We were “working” together while people talking about me and one of my Cascading Style Sheets. The fictional story goes like; “Move in, rebels!” stated 2nd in Commands and Leaders. “We are under attack, we can outnumber and attack them with Air Force, Navy and Marines. The commanders of Navy branch will give the members information and attack anyone that spots any branches with a sniper. The marines will escort the hostages to safety and Air Force will spot anyone that spots the Navy or the Marines while Navy will see if anyone spots the Marines.” stated Jason and other commanders. “Is that clear?” asked Jason. “Yes, sir!!” stated all of the rebels. “Alright, move in!”

“We can kill the hostages here and now” said one of the evil enemies. “This is CODE 5, rebels!” said Jason. “Attack the one on the left and one on the top right!” Two rebels shot the one on the left and one on the top right. “Attack!” said one of the enemies. Then, there were huge explosions while some hostages were carried to their bases. 

The Navy branch followed the enemies and were in stealth. The hostages were held in prison doing dirty work for the enemies forced. The commanders who were Jason/Junie and others, shot 3 enemies each hid them so no one could see. They escorted the hostages and set them free and took the enemies to prison. 

The Navy returned to help the Marines and the explosions stopped while the Navy shot 3-7 enemies helping the Marines. The Air Force shot a missile to each of the enemies’ bases. The commanders were sent to prison.

The Air Force, Navy and Marines came back to their base and celebrated their victory. The conscientious people who were good that helped many people and believed in peace. 

Once I created the Cascading Style Sheet, I realized it needed a little bit of improvement. I created my second one, which also failed. Then, Kevin came on to assist me and he gave me a programming known as “XatWorld” to help me out. I created one and it was successful. But then, Kevin also made one and I connected to it instead.

I joined the Army of Club Penguin as an affiliate while PurpleSlime saw my extroverted/enthusiastic/professional experiences and made me highest-member rank to prove myself worthy as a Moderator in a week. I gave him some of my historical experiences. I recruited many people — and others. I gave some pictures to KoolFunks.

Me and some compeers of the Army of Club Penguin were chatting together exhibiting extroversion. I also became friends with Icedragonus who got out of the currently-paranormal Light Troops with my help and joined the Army of Club Penguin & the Rebel Penguin Federation because of the Light Troops’ leadership.

After a little bit inactivity, I came back seeing that there was a chat reset. I was a Guest and waited for Moderators to attribute the authority of making me a Member.

Part 51, I’m Just a Memory:

I’ve decided to retire for the final time.

1 year later,

I visited the Rebel Penguin Federation and, I saw many posts and commented a little to see how the army was doing. This rebellion was a great influence and I’ve had a lot of memories with it. Ameliorating individuals, Club Penguin Armies benefit academically.

I realized I am a memory. I am just an ordinary affiliate of this team. I am just a troop. A rebel. I am Jason17125/Junie17125, a former affiliate and auxiliary of multinational armies.

The End.


“Mesmerizing” ~ The Rebel Penguin Federation

“Amazing” ~ Friends

“Epic!” ~ Individuals

My comments:

      At first, I thought there would be “book” types of sections and later, I thought it was the end. My retirement marked as the end of that. But, a new journey arrived after my retirement. After I visited, they had an author selection. I became an author of the Rebel Penguin Federation and thought that I could meet my friends on the Private Server of Xat.

  So, a new journey arrives. I call it the second book because the last one was the first one. I won’t use chat anymore and will only be the author of the Rebel Penguin Federation. The other armies, are only in the first book. So, I’m supposing it’s not much of a journey. But I’ll still go with it since I’m still being around Club Penguin Armies.

Every loss counts as a win, and every win is an achievement.

Book 2: Fictional Stories

Part 1, The End of a Journey and the Start of a New Story:

    Whether you’re thinking this is a new story, or the ending of an aesthetic journey, you’re not wrong. In fact, a new story arrives after an old journey strives — to be a memory.

The Rebel Penguin Federation, the rebellion of 2007, is known as a legendary rebellion/conglomeration. They’ve lived on for many generations. How does a major rebellion/army become something unique?

March 2015 –

    It seems that old individuals or affiliates of the Rebel Penguin Federation returned. Elmikey and Silverburg to leading, while Vo Yo returns and becomes 2nd in Command.

I visit the Rebel Penguin Federation website and comment. Then, I found an author signup. I signed up for it, and it was revealed that Elmikey approved and is willing to make me back to author.

I stated that I won’t be active on Xat due to problems and errors. It looks like it didn’t matter. So, I was like a trusted website checker. I then decided to see what changed in the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Part 2, Looking Back:

2 days passed by while I look into some history. Memorable moments, were remembered. I can’t believe it’s already been a year, I looked into some stuff about the Rebel Penguin Federation and other armies.

I also looked at some of my past army’s websites and saw the changes after I left for quite a while.

Part 3, Doing Fictional Stories:

Well, I guess I’m going to start doing some fictional stories while also working for the Rebel Penguin Federation. This will be a pretty long story, so I’ll start.

Part 4, The Invitation:

After the Rebellion of 2007 defeated the terrorist attacks and invasions, an invitation was given to the team. It was an invitation to a tournament, an army tournament. The reward was remembrance. The army that wins will be remembered as an example of a great one. Soon, the army tournament started.

Part 5, The Showdown:

After what seemed like forever, the tournament started. There were all armies, all legendary allies, all competitive enemies, all of them — here. The countdown to the tournament started, creating a massive excitement. “Three, two, one, go!”.

The Rebellion of 2007 creates a close, strong attack leaving one of the armies defenceless while they dodge it. Another army defeats the defenceless army while moving with swift to fighting the next army. Then, the Rebellion of 2007 defeated 2 armies quickly while they swiftly moved to protect one of the armies. They defeated the offensive army then moved on to the next battle.

Part 6, Terror-ist:

The armies were battling and battling with restless energy. The tournament was almost coming to an end. Until the battle was interrupted by a huge explosion. The entire gang of terrorists discovered the tournament and destroyed almost everything. They were then stopped by the Rebellion of 2007 and some of their ally armies. Then, the terrorists called for backup with all of their ally armies. Then, the armies involved with the tournament amalgamates into a huge alliance.

There were 4 sections of the army; the gunners, the air offence team, the snipers, and the retrievers. The air offence team shot 3 deadly grenades while the gunners moved in killing close enemies. The snipers picked up enemy weapons while they threw flash grenades to distract them while they shoot from far distance. The retrievers move in to collect what the enemies stole from them.

Then, the commander came in with hostages and threatened to eliminate them if the alliance doesn’t surrender their troops and give the enemies what they want; power. Then, the alliance used the element of surprise by creating a diversion while the air offence team throw 2 deadly grenades to them. The gunners shot in silence, the terrorists that were far away from the 2 deadly bombs. The sniper were directed to snipe the enemy snipers as fast as possible. The retrievers shot along with the gunners.

Then, it quickly ended.

Then, the alliance altogether won. They were remembered as heroes. They thought that descendant armies would be looking at us to see what examples we did in order to protect the innocent ones.

Part 7, You Name It:

The journey ends which starts a new story. A never ending story.

The end.


“Not bad, not bad at all” ~ Most likely everyone.

My comments:

I’m not aiming for the story to be great and long, but to rather tell how armies are like in this book. I knew somehow there would be a third book, but this time, it isn’t that much related to Club Penguin Armies. I guess you can call it a third party. Without a further ado, the quote of this book.

Success is done with teamwork and bravery; failure is of impatience and aggression.

Book 3: Past’s Mirai

Part 1, Thanks Sir:

I discovered Mirai with the help of Sir Pj; a fellow associate of the Rebel Penguin Federation. He said it was a Club Penguin Private Server. I clicked the link of Mirai he gave me and soon, I made an account. Then, he told me to go on the Snowball game and it was pretty fun. We played and destroyed some people with snowballs and gained some credit. It was very amusing and entertaining.

Then, in the first few days, I started to play it a little bit more. I made some arbitrary friends and asked them if they want to play the Snowball game. I gained a little bit credit but was inexperienced. So I stated that I would do more in the Mirai (future).

Part 2, Remembrance:

I made new friends and a lot of them became my best friends. We used to talk a lot, cuss a lot, and troll a lot. It was pretty fun, and a lot of people noticed us and wanted to be friends. I remember when I met an administrator of Mirai and gave her some evidence on who’s breaking the rules. It was pretty fun.

I remember when I reached about 300 likes from some followers and friends without asking. It was someone near my Birthday.

I remember when I made an account called Killa and trolled my friends into thinking it was mentally ill. I used to be on two accounts so they wouldn’t notice me. This plan was foolproof.

I used to also go into random modes. For example, I go on rapping mode where I rap a lot. Smart mode where I act as the central processing unit of a computer and state words and mathematical equations no one could understand.

I remember when me and my friends made a YouTube video of all of us doing funny stuff in the same room. It was hilarious.

Some people interviewed me on Mirai broadcasting.

I remember when a Club Penguin Army associate came to recruit there and I met him on chat.

Part 3, Snowball Game:

While I was playing that snowball game, I had fun and acted serious at the same time. I aimed for credits and aimed to buy new powers. I didn’t notice at that point I had to clear my cache for new powers.

When the recent leaderboards were created by the Mirai staff. It showed the top 20 or 30 players of the game and I was in 15th place. Then, I moved up to 13th place and finally to 10th. I bought all of the Mirai powers which made me slightly more popular.

Part 4, The Killa Project:

As mentioned above, I created Killa. Killa is an account that I would use for trolling and sometimes I would use my account. So, I interrupted a conversation between me and someone else (she (the friend I was talking to) didn’t know I was being Killa). I then (with Killa) attracted other people and with the help of my main account, I can track where they go at any time thinking that Killa is a hacker.

So, I revealed that I was Killa with some clues and information that wasn’t very detailed. They admitted they were trolled and sooner or later, we thought Killa would help in some situations. Killa would help of distracting male and female individuals that keep annoying us.

Part 5, A Party:

I edited my igloo with some cheats and sooner or later, hosted a party. It was somewhat themed. I messaged some popular people, some friends and most likely best friends. It turned into a successful people as about 20 people came. It was fun and we were talking a lot. I talked a little bit with some cool people and it turned out we had a good time.

Part 6, The Successor’s Successor:

I decided to leave Mirai for a while and I left a message on their inbox. They replied of how sad they felt, which left me sad too. I had to explain of the reason why. Then, I returned after a while and it seemed that the successor of Oasis, which is Mirai, is going to be finished. The original Club Penguin Private Server, succeeded in replacing Mirai. Mirai is a popular Club Penguin Private Server which a lot of players enjoyed.

Part 7, Welcome to the Future:

Mirai had to end because one of the administrators couldn’t take control of everything which made it so that Mirai had to end. The link of Mirai was sent to CPPS making CPPS the successor of Mirai.

The End.


“You inspired me” ~ some friends.

My Comments:

I guess this is the final book. There’s the conclusion below of more comments.

Just because there is a conclusion doesn’t mean it’s the end.



    The entire story took a plethora of times and was innovated as a story. It’s probably 98.64% accurate due to the fact that I don’t remember all moments as in some areas, I took a good guess. This post has already been posted in the Rebel Penguin Federation website. There is more information and pictures there.

 The Rebel Penguin Federation has influenced me a lot and has allowed me to advance/learn a lot. Staying there for almost 2 years allowed me to acknowledge a lot of facts and inspired me to acknowledge in studying. I was interested into learning things with the help of Club Penguin Armies or more specifically, Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation (obviously), Doritos, Undiscovered Armies, other major/medium armies and with the help of all friends (& enemies). The Mirai stories and the fictional stories were also great and did benefit me.


  • The Rebellion of 2007 really means Rebel Penguin Federation.
  • The Mirai story and the Fictional Stories story was rushed due to the fact the page wanted to be finished quickly.
  • The word Killa actually means “killer”. It was a pretty decent name for ‘trolling’ users.
  • It was thought that book one would be the only story, but more came on.
  • This isn’t a story of the internet, it’s related to Club Penguin Armies due to the fact this website is based on that category.
  • There wasn’t any pictures because of copyright.
  • The word “Mirai” means future in Japanese.
  • Xat has chats which allows people to communicate with each other in Club Penguin Armies.
  • Fictional stories were used for amusement which was an idea who read this story because it was boring to read it.
  • This story was personal and experiencing. It was also there to help some people in experiences.


  • Rebel Penguin Federation (Retired Well-known Last rank: 2nd in Command (Owner) Editor Former Temporary Leader)
  • Dark Warriors (Formerly Rejected Ally)
  • Doritos (Former Moderator Known Retired)
  • Arctic Ops (Former 2nd in Command Retired)
  • Hot Sauce Army (Retired)
  • Pizza Army (Retired)
  • Herbert Army (Retired)
  • Galactic Army (Retired 2nd in Command)
  • Undiscovered Armies (High Position Well-known Retired)
  • Water Ninjas (Retired Former Moderator Well-known)
  • Chaos (Retired Former Moderator Well-known)
  • Fire Spartans (Retired Legend Former Leader Well-known)
  • Army of Club Penguin (Retired Well-known)
  • Other armies (In first book)

During Club Penguin Armies, there were some virtual affiliations outside of Club Penguin Armies I discovered with the help of some friends. The virtual affiliations which are outside of Club Penguin Armies are known as:

(They aren’t outside-outside; more like discovered for use of Club Penguin Armies)

  • Mirai (Predecessor & Successor) CPPS (Successor) Club Warfare (Unknown Position)  Other
  • X4t (Predecessor) Zat (Successor)

Xat profile: http://xat.me/Junie17125

Life is a journey and it’s full of wonders. There are also religions that most of the humans are associated with. You choose what you desire, but you must also follow some things to lead a good life.
This is the internet and the internet is also known as the World Wide Web.
What would you want to desire?

~Individualized Conglomerate of Club Penguin Armies




Below is the rules I’ve created for the Rebel Penguin Federation in case you don’t know the rules or you’re banned. These rules can also apply to other army chatrooms as it is close to the rules of the other armies.

No, this is not copyright because this is my creation which I’ve sent to the Rebel Penguin Federation. I have the right to use this as this is my creation. I’ve allowed individuals to take my creation and apply it to their chatrooms and I’ve made this for the Rebel Penguin Federation and other armies.

This Cascading Style Sheet doesn’t have everything I’ve created in it as that’s in the Rebel Penguin Federation chatroom.


To use this copy, you must ask me as I’m the one who created this cascading style sheet.

~Creator of Individualized Conglomerate











The Rules

1. No inappropriate language or cussing and no links (including external of Club Penguin Armies.)2. Respect all of the affiliates of the Rebel Penguin Federation, respect our allies and respect people who came to chat.

3. Do not ask for higher ranks as you will have to earn them with the usage of collaborations, trust, loyalty, courage, kindness, attending events, helping others and telling the truth.

4. Try to be active in the chat and if you advertise, you will be banned forever.

5. Do not scam other people while trading, it may be imminent.

6. No racism, arguments, fights or being rude to certain genders.

7. Do not give out any personal information, age is fine.

8. Do not abuse or ban/kick for no reason or without a reason/reasons.

9. Do not draw anything on Doodle which is inappropriate, unacceptable or related to drugs.

10. If you are owner, do not give a Moderator rank to people without a “valid” reason or for no reason.



||RPF Site Pages||










Coding by Kevin & Jason/Junie17125


~Creator of Individualized Conglomerate

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